Monday, March 1, 2010


Last week was a bit of a rough one for us. On Sunday (my 1 day that I took off from work in the month of February) the 21st, Asher started getting very fussy around the time we got home from church. By the evening he was running a fever. Turned out he had Strep throat & bronchitis. The next day Eowyn came down with a bug, and Maren started feeling it too. That night the dogs even took turns throwing up. I lasted until the weekend, when I was opening Noises Off at the theater. Kiddos are mostly better, but Maren still has a sinus infection.

She went to the doctor for that today. Without even looking at her (read: glanced up at her once from typing on his computer, and that was examination or anything) gave her a prescription. She's going to an E-N-T on Weds.

Hopefully today, March 1, isn't the only day I take off this month...


Eowyn has really begun to fully understand both languages we're throwing at her. She's always picking up new things, repeating what we say. Sentences still aren't full, but then again, she's learning two at the same time.

The other day, as we were driving, an airplane flew over. Eowyn said excitedly: "Mama, ein Flu-flah (Flugzeug)." Then, in the same breath, but in a condescending tone: "Daddy, airplane."