Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Home III: Living Room Menace

The university was having a "clearance sale" about 2 weeks ago, getting rid of old furniture. We went over with the theatre in mind, but I found a couch that was in fairly good shape for $1. The support had been broken and it needed some more padding for the back, (which cost about $20). And because I was thinking of using it for the show, they let me have it for free. Its fixed, I decided not to use it for the show, its now in our living room. Now, we haven't hung up many pictures, and in fact we're pretty much just using pre-existing nails on the walls, but here you are...our living room.

Eowyn has been a joy. She can be frustrating at times, what with exploding diapers at 3 am and all. But she's talking to us and smiling a lot. She was even mimicking me bobbing my head "yes" and "no" last night and again this morning. THAT was awesome. I was changing her yesterday morning and stood her up. She surprised me by standing on her own strength for a few seconds. I had my hands for support. Maren got the camera & she did it a second time, though she was giving me her weight as the picture was taken. Anyway, here's some photos of the living room and Eowyn.

These two are going to get in so much trouble together in about a year or two...

...When daddy dresses the baby when its cold in the house.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Eowyn's 2 month checkup

Someone is a big girl. A very big girl. According to doctor office charts, 5 out of 5 doctors would call her big. My aunt Carole would call her "cornfed," but probably not to our faces. I remember when my brother was playing T-ball one very large lad coming up to bat. In her *ahem* sweet, quiet voice, I remember her saying, "THAT BOY'S CORNFED. WELL HE IS!" His parents were in the same bleacher section.

More on Eowyn in a minute.

I had the privilege of seeing my very good friend Andy marry Alicia this weekend. I had the honor of being the best man in the ceremony. It was a whirl-wind trip for me, but well worth it. I had very little sleep and a large amount of fun, and some funny stories about Chad, Rodd, Andy, Chris, Glenn and his son, and John from Friday night. I also got to see my 14-month-old nephew Isaac, who has compensated for smaller birth measurements than his two female cousins. He isn't as cornfed as Eowyn, but he's tall.

Before going to bed last night I called my mom & dad. My dad asked me if Maren had gotten bigger while I was away. I said, "No, in fact she told me she's lost some more weight recently. Why, does she look bigger in her pictures?" I thought it was rude, but this morning I'm wondering if I should have asked if he meant Eowyn instead of Maren, instead of hanging up on him.

So back to Eowyn. She had her measurements and first sets of shots today. Maren said Eowyn screamed and had lots of tears. She said it was the first time she'd heard her cry from pain. However, there was a 7-month old in the waiting room that was smaller than Eowyn, and the nurses & doctor all asked if Eowyn's daddy was an exceptionally big guy, because Eowyn's height & weight are at the top end of the chart. She's now 13 pounds, 4 ounces (6010 grams) and 23 7/8 inches (60.64 cm), and that is in the 95th percentile for her age. We're looking into Early Childhood Sumo Wrestling groups for her.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unwelcomed Excitement

Last night after I left home for rehearsal, Maren put Eowyn in her carrier (kind of like a backpack, but in front), put Baylor in her harness and took them for a walk in our neighborhood. A neighbor's Pit Bull was loose, and Maren let the owners know. The dog was wagging his tail & seemed playful, when he suddenly 'snapped' and went after Baylor, putting her on her back and not letting up. A neighbor ran out of her house (without shoes), grabbed a stick & beat the dog off Baylor. Maren called the police, and me, and I left quickly to see how Maren, Eowyn & Baylor were before returning to rehearsal (which had not yet started). The owner promised that, since this was not the first (or second) incident, he was putting the dog down today.

Everyone knows that Maren is a person who loves & protects animals from cruelty. But she said she saw the dog turn from friendliness to aggression with no warning. Took Maren forever last night to fall asleep...as bad as she felt for Baylor, all she could think about was "what if he had grabbed Eowyn's leg?" I hate to think about what that dog could have done so easily to my little girl.

More of Eowyn

Oma had to leave to go back to Germany today. Mommy always takes that pretty hard. And the time always goes by so fast. But we had a great time while she was here.

She helped Mommy by burping Eowyn and getting her to sleep for naps.

Played with her & got her to smile a lot.

Littlist Offenbach Kicker in Texas! Go Kickers!

Eowyn loves her jungle toy that "Uncle Justin" & "Aunt Atalie" gave her! (I know, I know...it was Rufeo's idea...)

And of course, now that we have her room set up, she takes her naps in the cradle!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Home, Part II: A Work in Progress

I promised a while ago that there would be some new pictures on the way of the home and have as yet failed to deliver. Well wait no more!

Here's the front of the house. Its odd because our address is on one street, but the driveway and the front of the house sit on another street. Odd. By the way, that's Baylor laying in the front yard in front of the porch. She loves to just go and sit/lay outside, and she's very protective of Mommy & Eowyn, especially when Daddy's not there...just ask the four guys who've tried to come up looking for odds-n-ends work...

One major project we've decided to wait until spring/summer for is repainting the trim on the house. First, I despise the color. Second, it needs to be done.

One of the unique things in our yard, besides the creek, is this side yard, on the south side of the house (the squirrels from the north side avoid those from the south). If you enlarge the picture you'll see a brick retaining wall. Its actually about a foot tall. On the other side you'll see the top end of a smoker. We have an outdoor brick grill. Then you'll see the brush pile...you may not be able to see it very well, but trust me, its there. Speaking of, if anyone wants to help me clean it out in two weekends....

The tree that is leaning waaaay to the right is at the back of our property. In fact, fortunately, its our neighbors tree, so if it ever falls....

The back side of the house. Not very appealing at the moment. I'd like to get rid of that railing and install a wooden deck. Windows from L-R: Kitchen, door to kitchen, 1/2 bath, full bath.

The Forest. Or what remains. The backyard looked as though it had been avoided for a long time. I wish I'd taken some more photos, but there was a neighbor we didn't know existed until I knocked down all of the bamboo. The shed is in shambles. I don't know if it would be smarter to knock it down or replace the awful flooring. (I can't tell if it was water or termites or both that led to all of the rot.)

You see the bridge in the foreground. It crosses the creek in our backyard. Its close to 6 feet deep in spots, including the bridge.

To give you an idea of how leafy it is back there. Not much grass, mostly a forested floor. A lot of work to do because I'd like to have more grass and less forest. We like the forest, not the poison ivy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

time for more pictures

I last published on Sept 27, which is like 400 grandparent years when they live so far away like Eowyn's do.

So, after over 170 phone messages, 642 text messages, and a visit from the local sheriff (yes mom, we're still alive...), here are some new pictures. It was a busy week in the Records' household with signing for the house, a new ceiling fan and carpeting in Eowyn's room, and a visit from Maren's mom. But alas, I've cut my dinner short--Mom--to bring you a new blog....stupid rumbling stomach...

On a brighter note, Eowyn has been smiling a lot. Of course, how quickly it becomes tears...

We will have more pictures of Eowyn's room newly remodeled as well as the house later this week.

Mommy's girl.

Who takes after Daddy???

The first smile we were able to catch

Proud Oma

The only way to get Eowyn to take a nap

Napping in the cradle

Smiling & playing in the jungle set from Justin & Atalie