Saturday, May 17, 2008

A River Runs Through It, plumbing, and moles

We've had more plumbing fun. But, we've discovered the "root" of the problem...all of the tree roots growing through. So we have 2 new big holes in our back yard. I also discovered we have a mole in our midst. Literally, the raised ground proves it. I won't be kind...

We had quite a bit of rain on Tuesday & Wednesday. Maren shot a video of it.

Here's another video of Eowyn with crazy crazy hair, 2 front teeth, and daddy being retarded to get a laugh.

wasn't there a british 80s band w/ a lead singer that had this 'do?

already getting into the cupboards

someone had a rough week...

...sometimes you just have to have the right toy...

someone got their Christmas wish (insert grandpa's annoying toy here...)