Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spurs win! Spurs win!

San Antonio finished off Phoenix tonight. Every year people pick against them. One of these years SOMEONE, besides me, will wise up and pick them.

So, to's two videos of Eowyn.

Friday, April 25, 2008


About time for pictures. When the death threats start rolling in, you know its time to download some new photos.

Eowyn sat in the seat of the shopping cart all by herself last week. She's sitting herself up, pulling herself up, and not staying in the rooms we leave her in anymore. Where have 8 months gone?

Can you find the two Cheerios hidden in this picture? Can you find the two bottom teeth? Can you see the two top teeth about to poke through?


...and after the water sippy cup.

A new addition to the Records clan

Maren & I are proud to announce a new addition to the family.

We will be getting a German Shepherd pup sometime early this summer, probably in early June. We are excited. We woke up Eowyn to tell her, but she kind of cried for a while and spit up, so we just put her back to bed, the toothing grouch. Totally ungrateful. We told Baylor we were getting her a puppy sister, and she got really excited. She went to look out the window.

It'll be nice to have a baby in the house for a change.

Monday, April 21, 2008

8 months

No, that's not how long its been since I last blogged, that's Eowyn's age. I'm sure those of you who are upset that I haven't posted any photos of our daughter who is now crawling and getting her top two teeth will be able to get over it. It was a very busy month directing the two plays. I was usually at school from about 7/7:30 every morning until 11 or 11:30 each night. Even weekends the weekends. But the shows have now come & gone, and I have much more time at home.

But Eowyn is growing up & changing quickly. She's a quick little bugger, too, and almost to the point where she's into everything. Right now she's only into 85% of everything. She climbs like a little monkey all over everything, trying to pull herself upright, and sits well on her own. About a week or 2 ago she amazed me by feeding herself her own bottle. Maren said, "Oh yes, she's trying." I said, "No, she IS feeding herself." Her crawling is still on her belly, but she's moving faster & faster.

I'll post new pictures soon.