Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maren at 24 weeks

Ok, so its past time for a new posting, but you can't do a posting without a picture. Those are just the rules of ettiquette. No one wants to read a picture-less blog. Its like in grade school, when for the first time you read a book with no pictures. Its shocking. Like going from 5th grade to more recess. Its just better left alone. Picture the blog and everyone loves you. No readers.

So Maren decided we needed to get some new pictures of her, since she's right about 24 weeks. In fact, she's due 4 months from yesterday (April 21). And because I'm auditioning for a play in Dallas and wanted a new headshot to take with me, it was the perfect opportunity.

So we went up to "Miss Nellie's Pretty Place" at Cameron Park. It was under construction. It wasn't pretty. But I made sure not to get any of that in the picture.

But doesn't Maren look pretty with the "Dead End" sign sticking out of her head? When we got home Baylor jumped all over Maren. She was happy mommy was home, but she was mad she hadn't bee in any photos. She wanted to be in a photo.

Not really...Maren had to hold her up.

As you can see...I'm not letting Maren feel alone in this process. In fact, you can see on my shirt that my water had broken...or that I washed my hands and wiped them on my shirt...

Just as a side note...this is the photo I'm using for my headshot. I should be able to get a lot of work with this one!


gretchenjohnson said...

Maren looks great! Nate, when your water breaks, that's not usually where it shows up. haha.

Isaac said...

good job maren. way to go. i can't wait to have another cousin

what is her name?