Friday, July 20, 2007

Maren's Wish

I met the guys from Sunday School today for lunch at Mama Rosa's Mexican restaurant, and when I got home today Maren was sitting there with her shirt up and her belly hanging out. She had the curtains drawn and the lights off, so I couldn't see what was going on at the time.

Turns out, she had found this weird set of paints on called "Proudbody Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit" (just type in that and you'll see some amazingly...odd...artifacts.... This is what she did:

...she's got the whooooole world, in her hands. she's got the whole wide world...

Nah...I'm just teasing. She didn't really. But she said she was going to buy this for the next time she's pregnant, plus one for each of her two Records family sisters-in-law.


gtown1 said...

Thanks for enlightening all of us of what is possible in the creative realm of being pregnant! :) ejw

Anonymous said...

Don't worry EJ I ordered one for you too !