Friday, November 2, 2007

New Home IV: A New Hope

A short time ago, in a galaxy you also live in...there was a civil war brewing on lots 22 & 23. Evil Galactic trees were bombing the rebel base with their leaves, needles, and limbs in an attempt to discourage Rebel fighters from raking.

During the battle Rebel fighters had stolen plans that would ease the removal of the debris. Rebel fighters called the Power Company to restore tension to the electric cable, and a secret weapon was received from in-laws living in a far off country through smuggled funding disguised as a "Christmas" "gift". This weapon gave the Rebel Alliance...A New Hope.


Stacy Murphy said...

You have such an imagination! What an awesome new "Toy".
Any Halloween pics of Eowyn?

Dada said...

Help me Obi-Nate. You're my only hope.

Erin said...

Two words: hil & arious!