Monday, December 3, 2007


The Packers lost, most importantly though, is whether or not Favre will be able to play on Sunday. Yes, they probably lost their chance to play the NFC championship game at home, but here's the thing, the Giants will be #5 seed, they'll beat whatever chump is #4. The 3 seed will beat 6, so the Cowboys will host, and lose to, the Giants. The Packers will beat the 3, and host, and beat the Giants, and then in Super Bowl XLII, defeat the previously unbeaten Patriots. Only problem, is...does that mean Favre rides off into the sunset...

...were you expecting stuff about Eowyn?? Well, the Packers are now 10-1 when she's wearing "the socks." I'm beginning to think that maybe she needs to be wearing the socks AND awake. Its really lousy being superstitious. I think its time to stop, but Maren's addicted too.

Photos of Eowyn later today (I forgot to bring the camera cable to the office with me).

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