Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where does the weekend go??

Its been a rough weekend in our house. I've been flu-ish all weekend, and Maren hasn't been feeling well, either. Fortunately Eowyn has been well. But it sure makes it hard to stay up with school work, so I'm spending my Sunday afternoon at the office catching up on grading and other things I've fallen behind on.

Here's some new photos of Eowyn:

Bandana courtesy of Nina...

Eating solid food...

Yes, she's standing by herself...just using daddy for balance.


Miki said...

She is soooo cute! I´m so glad to see you all soon!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks fantastic! Uiuiui...a reason to send more stuff:-)

Hope you're getting better soon!

By the way: there is a tiny little chance, that I will come to the States in 08/2008 (Christian will be in LA for 5 days)!!! So maybe, there is time to see you guys for two or three day! Will tell you more, when I have more details!

Best wishes Nina