Saturday, May 17, 2008

A River Runs Through It, plumbing, and moles

We've had more plumbing fun. But, we've discovered the "root" of the problem...all of the tree roots growing through. So we have 2 new big holes in our back yard. I also discovered we have a mole in our midst. Literally, the raised ground proves it. I won't be kind...

We had quite a bit of rain on Tuesday & Wednesday. Maren shot a video of it.


Here's another video of Eowyn with crazy crazy hair, 2 front teeth, and daddy being retarded to get a laugh.


wasn't there a british 80s band w/ a lead singer that had this 'do?

already getting into the cupboards

someone had a rough week...

...sometimes you just have to have the right toy...

someone got their Christmas wish (insert grandpa's annoying toy here...)


Aunti said...

mein suesse kleine Maus. ich spare schon ganz fleissig!!!!!

karl said...

aww look at the adorable little girl.
did she find her little toy?

Aunti said...

she´s really adorable. good job god!