Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eowyn and the remote

Eowyn spent the night in the hospital last night. 'bout broke my heart to walk into her room and see her eyes all red from crying and the IV sticking out of her little foot. She felt a little warm to us yesterday morning, and Maren took her temperature, finding it to be 103.2 F (39.6 C). So, she took Eowyn to the dr., and he admitted her. Her white blood cell count was very high, and he was worried about a bladder infection. So Eowyn & Maren did not sleep well at the hospital. She still had a fever off & on today, the baby's Motrin was helping keep it lower, though. Hopefully she'll sleep tonight.

However, she did discover the remote to our new ceiling fan. I installed it with the fan last week, and it can dim the lights up & down as well as change the speeds. Made Eowyn forget all about her troubles for a little while.

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Aunti said...

oh man, die ist soooo süß, die arme kleine. krass, wie schnell sie die verbindung zwischen dem licht (nach oben schauen) und der fernbedienung hergestellt hat. die ist echt krass intelligent!