Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Records family update

It seems that each "update" I apologize for being away so long and promise to "be better the next time"...

Eowyn is now 17 months old. She & Jetta are into everything. Kind of like professional tag-team wrestling, where occassionally when the teammate of one is arguing with the "official" and both jump in and beat the unsuspecting "lone" individual together...yeah. So, sometimes it's just one at a time getting into everything, and other times its both. We're never really sure which one gets into the kleenex box or trash can, unless the other happens to be locked up.

Maren has given Jetta a new name, actually. "Jetta" is her middle name and "STOP IT!" is her first. These are used interchangeably. When we're outside, her first name becomes "Ka-meer." Apparently, she's oblivious to both of these names.

Eowyn is back in daycare. (Insert big "frowny" face) But she seems to enjoy daycare, she squealed today when we got there, and most of the time she doesn't even look back at me when we get there. She gets excited to have a bunch of playmates. And she adjusts so quickly to being with other people. Its good for her to have those set "patterns". And we can tell that she REALLY enjoys having us both home on the weekends. But she's always excited to come home. We think she's more well-behaved with other people than she is with us, to be honest.

Speaking of...a little someone is always a little bit more ornery w/ her mommy than w/ her daddy. I think daddy comes across more sternly than mommy does...

Of course, yesterday was a HUGE day, not only for our country but the entire world. I know I have family disappointed with the election results as well as excited, but none the less, it IS a new day in our world today. I am excited for my friends who can tell their children, not with hope, but with the proof in hand, that their kids can be and do whatever they set their minds to. I'm excited that I can tell Eowyn that she can grow up to be and do whatever she wants as long as she has the perseverance and fortitude to see it through. Things aren't going to turn around over night, however. Economy is still dwindling. Terror will still exist even if Guantanamo shuts down. No fairy has come and waved a magic wand and caused sin to "exit stage left". People are still hungry, still poor, still losing homes.

But here we are. 2009. A whole lifetime ahead of us.

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