Sunday, June 28, 2009


Well, we've been in Germany for about 5 weeks now and haven't posted very here it goes !
Eowyn has been having lots of fun getting to know her Oma and Opa (grandma and grandpa) and her aunts Kirsten and Annika.
The weather has been nice and sunny even here in Germany so we've been playing in Oma and Opa's yard a LOT ! It was warm enough today to pull out a brand new little pool that Eowyn was supposed to get for her birthday (Thanks Oma and Opa! ). She was ok with wearing her new swim suit bottom but refused to wear the top...Even though the water was pretty cold Eowyn had a blast playing and splashing in the pool and playing with her new buddy, an inflatable penguin that came with the pool
Later in the day she "helped" Opa water the flowers in the yard and had to be changed again...
A couple more big announcements. I had another ultrasound this week and the dr. is now 100% sure that the baby is a boy ! He was not shy this time around. In other news, Eowyn used the big girl potty for the first time today ! She has been pretty proud to announce that "I pooh-pooh" but usually it has been after the fact...until today. I got her on the potty really fast and she actually went! Then she wanted to sit there forever. I kept asking her if she was done and she kept telling me NO! I finally had to pull her off and distract her with something else.
So, it was a big day for her.


gretchenjohnson said...

She looks like natalie!

Nate & Maren Records said...

is that the painter or records side coming through more strongly??