Monday, September 7, 2009

Last blog Pre what's-his-name

Maren was at the doctor today. The Lad (who shall remain nameless...since Maren & I don't have a name for him yet) is already bigger than Eowyn was when she was born, is still 2 weeks from delivery, though the doctor tried to help "jump start" the process for Maren. We'll see if that works. I was just going through and reminiscing about old photos of Eowyn. Hard to believe that's been over 2 years now.

We like the area we live in, very pretty and our cameras don't do it justice, but far from work, and we'll be looking for something else in the springtime.

Here's some recent photos.

This picture was in a German Burger King. I thought it was awesome they used a photo of Green Bay Packers. I was so excited about it I told them I played for Green Bay before I realized what I was doing.

Jetta, 16 months. And now much faster than Baylor.

Eowyn found some wild black berries.

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