Saturday, March 31, 2007

The baby is going to be a.....

So everyone is probably curious since we had our first ultrasound yesterday what the baby is going to be. I will get to that. But first, other news. I finished and turned in my thesis yesterday. I will graduate with my Master of Fine Arts in Directing. I enjoy walking around the apartment saying "I'm a master" like Donkey about the stairs in the first Shrek movie.

Second, Baylor's been pretty excited about her new little sister. She's been asking if the baby's fur will be more like her or us. We don't have the heart to tell her she's adopted yet. She's a really smart dog and we think eventually she may figure that out on her own...then again...we DID have to bottle-feed her for a few days when we first got her because of a tongue infection. Funny story real quick--the other day I was celebrating being almost done with the thesis and I picked up Baylor and spun her around...if a dog could turn could see her just trying to get more air and keep everything down...I felt so bad.

So we went to get the ultrasound and Maren had to drink 32 oz. of water...then of course we had to wait for an hour. In the meantime, a REALLY bad storm was forming south and west of us that kept moving closer and closer. I'm thinking "we're not going to be seen because they're almost an hour behind and this tornado's going to get close." Finally at about 4:25 (55 minutes and four trips by Maren to the toilet to not let out "too much"), we're seen. We've been in there for about 5 minutes when "we have to evacuate the building". So no pictures yet, but we did get to see that it's a LITTLE GIRL! Maren will go back to finish the ultrasound on the Monday after Easter. And you better believe we're not paying for yesterday's visit.


Stan said...

It is about time you did something correct! I hope they made you pay for that cannon!

Andy said...


You may need to take advantage of those liberal gun laws in Texas. A little girl that looks like her Mom is going to make Dad a very busy man keeping all the boys away.

Daniel said...

Congratulations to you both. Call me sometime as I have something to tell you.
Suicide Dan

karl said...

who is pregnant?
maren or baylor?