Monday, March 26, 2007

Yeah! We blog!

So this is our very first blog. Or rather, my very first blog. But unfortunately for Maren, her name is attached to mine via marriage, so she can either receive credit or blame for whatever I write! It's awesome.

We went down to San Antonio a weekend ago to get away from Wacko. We were only there for one night, staying with some friends, and then spent part of the day in downtown San Antonio. There was a massive St. Patrick's celebration and parade. To be honest, I'd never realized there was such a population of Hispanic-Irish down there. That's gotta make for an interesting Cinco de Mayo.

As you can see, I got my head stuck. It made for an interesting ride home.

Also, for those who may not know, I defended my thesis this past Tuesday. I turn it ALL in on Friday, March 30 by 3pm, and then at 3:30 we have our ultrasound and find out if we have a little Nathan Jr. or Maren Jr-ette.

And one more "oh yeah", that's not a pot-belly; Maren's pregnant.


gretchenjohnson said...

Yeah for the bloggie. Maren is so beautiful.

David Koresh said...

I love Waco and Kool-aid!

gretchenjohnson said...

PS, do you like my new picture??

Rich said...

Ha! I love it. It's great to see a picture of you two.
FCB! FCB! I knew FC Bayern have been cannon fodder all season, but that's ridiculous! That pic summarized their season so far. Love you guys.

San Antonio Friend said...

The park police stopped by the house today. They are looking for their cannon.