Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eowyn Grace

Eowyn Grace was born today, August 15, 2007, at 3:23 pm, central time at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center. She was 8 lb, 8 oz (3,864 grams) and 20 1/2 inches long (52 cm).

Maren's water broke at 8:30 pm Tuesday night. (Don't worry, Atalie & Justin...she got to the toilet quickly and no mess to your house...and thanks again for putting us up for two weeks between moving...) We arrived at the hospital at 10:30pm. She had the epidural after trying her best to hold out at 6 am, received Potocin about 6:30 am, and finally delivered our daughter at 3:23 pm. It was a long day for us. I slept about 3 1/2 hours during that time, Maren dozed off once or twice.

Eowyn is very healthy and happy. She recognizes Mommy & Daddy's voices & seems to react to them with familiarity. We're not sure yet who she looks like.

Daddy was stupid & left the camera at the hospital, so no pictures yet. But I'll attach some tomorrow afternoon. If you're interested, the blog below has "the story" about how we picked the name.


Heinz said...

Hi Maren and Nate ,
Congratulations on your baby girl and a warm welcome for Eowyn Grace, the next generation of the Dienstbach motormouths...
Looking forward seeing you in December in Germany.

Best regards

Alicia and Andy said...

Congratulations Maren and Nate!!! We are so happy for the both of you as you welcome the new addition to your family! If there is anything that you two need let us know!
Alicia and Andy

karl said...

Congratulations Nathan and Maren.

I bet she wants the new Madden game.

Send us picturesssssss

Stacy Murphy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I LOVE the name and thanks for sharing the reason behind the name. My whole family are HUGE fans of The Lord of the Rings... I can't wait to see her. May God Bless all three of you.
Stacy Murphy and Family

gtown1 said...

Congratulations Records! We hope to see you tonight or tomorrow. I was praying all day at work at the church...and Ms. Karen and I went back and forth on 'is she here yet?' Glad to know she is here! Blessings friends, ejw

gretchenjohnson said...

I feel robbed! No pictures of my neice!!!!!! Hurry it up! Good job, Maren. Happy for you both

Natalie Rose said...

I want to see pictures :( I love my new cousin Eowyn!