Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eowyn & Sophie

We left the hospital about 10 pm last night. Eowyn's cultures came back negative. If they hadn't, it would have been 7 more days in the hospital for her in Waco...I would've had to go back to Marshall for school this week, so thank God for that.

Baylor (our dog, not the school) was absolutely wonderful when we brought Eowyn home last night. First, we let her greet her mommy, who she missed very much. Then, sitting with Maren on the couch, we presented Eowyn to her. Her tail (Baylor, not Eowyn...Eowyn doesn't have a tail...) was going about 100mph (about 180 kmh) when she saw her. She just wanted to sniff her all over. As the night went on, she just really seemed like she wanted to help out. She was such a sweet dog last night (as she always is...).

We're leaving for Marshall in a few minutes, and I don't know when I'll get a chance to add more pictures or videos, so here's a short one from last night at the hospital. Renee & her daughters brought us some much-welcomed Bush's chicken. I'm sure Renee is going to love telling this story, so if you read it first, let her tell it anyway: Sophie kept touching & stroking Eowyn, and she had asked on Wednesday night if she could hold her. Of course Renee said no. She didn't ask Saturday, or I didn't hear her. So I told her to sit in the chair and put the boppy pillow in her lap, and then I gave her Eowyn. She was so excited she didn't know what to say...

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