Friday, September 7, 2007

Direct TV

Today we had our television hooked up. It was a big day for Eowyn, as she finally gets to be brainwashed in the same manner of all other kids in the United States. After all, we all know TV was created by God for Americans, and therefore is a God-given right....right??

But here are pictures in celebration of Eowyn's last night with no tv...


karl said...

we all (Gretchen, Jennifer, and me)
think Natalie looks like Nathan. sorry Maren
it looks like the Records/Painter genes are stronger...haha

She is getting bigger

did you get the nfl package?

Kistili said...

oh no, she looks like a mix of maren and me (her sister). you have so see babyphotos of maren ;) its her nose!
man maren, die sieht echt aus wie ein mix aus uns beiden...naja, den blick hat sie ja eher von dir (hihihi)

Andy said...

Did she get to experience her first Packer game (and win)? I am sure my family can find a cute Steeler baby bib for her.

Karen said...

Maren and have truly been blessed! She is beautiful!! Enjoy every moment....too soon she will be a teenager with a boyfriend who has a car and raging hormones!!!! (Can you tell what age my kids are?? lol) It has been too long me! Karen Karttunen