Wednesday, September 12, 2007

4 Weeks

So I posted this blog earlier today. This is a "PS" at the beginning instead of the end. First, Eowyn is 4 weeks old today. Second, Maren took Eowyn in to be weighed. She weighs 10lb 9oz now. That's 95 percentile, for those of you keeping track at home. She's a chunker. In fact, she seems to be a lot like her Uncle Karl in the respect of crying if food isn't in her mouth the minute she wants it to be.

Here are some videos. These first two were from August 26 and the last one was Sept. 10. As a word of warning, you will probably find the last one long & boring if you are not family. Its just Eowyn grunting & looking at the camera. If you push the play button, you are watching at your own risk. Any grumbling, complaining about length, and boredom come with the following instructions: Step 1, Go to the bathroom. Step 2, Lift toilet seat. Step 3, Insert head into toilet bowl. Step 4, Flush. Step 5, Repeat. Consider yourself swirlied.

Eowyn w/ hiccups & a sneeze.

Baylor checking out Eowyn.

Just Eowyn being beautiful


Stacy said...

OH- So cute. Thanks for the videos. I am not family except through Christ, but i watch the last video all the way through. I wish I could hold her. I am sorry I didn't get to see you three before you left for Marshall. I am glad you all are doing well.
Take care and May God Bless you all,
Stacy Murphy

Uncle Karl said...

well im not family either
but i sure cry when my food runs out :(

Unkie Karl said...

only I cry when the food runs out

aww look at the little girl. better watch out for natalie, she will make you cry

MiKi said...

oh man, die sieht echt aus wie ich- unheimlich, aber schön! also, ich meld mich jetzt schon mal für weihnachten an, dass ich das aleinige recht an ihr haben will ;)
hier der link:

Nina said...

Hey ihr Lieben!
war endlich mal wieder hier und sooo viele neue Bilder. Sie ist echt zum Knuddeln. Würde hier gerne auch Halte-Rechte an Weihnachten beantragen...geht das noch? ...wenigstens mal 10 Minuten...
Freu mich, mal wieder was zu hören, wenn es ruhiger ist!
Send you all my love!

P.S.: Nathan, how could a video of the cutest girl ever be too long...!!! :-)

gretchenjohnson said...

Natalie promises to NEVER make Eowyn cry. Watch out Iceman. These 2 girls will gang up on him! She is sosososososososo beautiful. I can't wait to kiss her and hold her.