Monday, October 15, 2007

Eowyn's 2 month checkup

Someone is a big girl. A very big girl. According to doctor office charts, 5 out of 5 doctors would call her big. My aunt Carole would call her "cornfed," but probably not to our faces. I remember when my brother was playing T-ball one very large lad coming up to bat. In her *ahem* sweet, quiet voice, I remember her saying, "THAT BOY'S CORNFED. WELL HE IS!" His parents were in the same bleacher section.

More on Eowyn in a minute.

I had the privilege of seeing my very good friend Andy marry Alicia this weekend. I had the honor of being the best man in the ceremony. It was a whirl-wind trip for me, but well worth it. I had very little sleep and a large amount of fun, and some funny stories about Chad, Rodd, Andy, Chris, Glenn and his son, and John from Friday night. I also got to see my 14-month-old nephew Isaac, who has compensated for smaller birth measurements than his two female cousins. He isn't as cornfed as Eowyn, but he's tall.

Before going to bed last night I called my mom & dad. My dad asked me if Maren had gotten bigger while I was away. I said, "No, in fact she told me she's lost some more weight recently. Why, does she look bigger in her pictures?" I thought it was rude, but this morning I'm wondering if I should have asked if he meant Eowyn instead of Maren, instead of hanging up on him.

So back to Eowyn. She had her measurements and first sets of shots today. Maren said Eowyn screamed and had lots of tears. She said it was the first time she'd heard her cry from pain. However, there was a 7-month old in the waiting room that was smaller than Eowyn, and the nurses & doctor all asked if Eowyn's daddy was an exceptionally big guy, because Eowyn's height & weight are at the top end of the chart. She's now 13 pounds, 4 ounces (6010 grams) and 23 7/8 inches (60.64 cm), and that is in the 95th percentile for her age. We're looking into Early Childhood Sumo Wrestling groups for her.

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Dad said...

I know I meant Eowyn! Please, I meant to say, "Did Eowyn seem bigger to you after you were gone those few days?" It seems others caught on faster than I did that I said the wrong name. How embarrassing - good old Dad is always reminded of his blunders!