Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unwelcomed Excitement

Last night after I left home for rehearsal, Maren put Eowyn in her carrier (kind of like a backpack, but in front), put Baylor in her harness and took them for a walk in our neighborhood. A neighbor's Pit Bull was loose, and Maren let the owners know. The dog was wagging his tail & seemed playful, when he suddenly 'snapped' and went after Baylor, putting her on her back and not letting up. A neighbor ran out of her house (without shoes), grabbed a stick & beat the dog off Baylor. Maren called the police, and me, and I left quickly to see how Maren, Eowyn & Baylor were before returning to rehearsal (which had not yet started). The owner promised that, since this was not the first (or second) incident, he was putting the dog down today.

Everyone knows that Maren is a person who loves & protects animals from cruelty. But she said she saw the dog turn from friendliness to aggression with no warning. Took Maren forever last night to fall bad as she felt for Baylor, all she could think about was "what if he had grabbed Eowyn's leg?" I hate to think about what that dog could have done so easily to my little girl.

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Kirsten said...

oh man maren! ich bete für dich, dass du diese doofen bilder ganz schnell vergessen kannst!