Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sanitation & the environment

With the economy going south, Eowyn found a way to help us save money, and at the same time help the environment. She decided we should only be using 1 piece of toilet paper per toilet use, also known as 1ptpptu. We tried to negotiate 2 ptpptu's to no avail. Maren was secretly negotiating for 3ptpptu's under the table, and when I found out, the whole deal was off. Of course, Eowyn only gets 1 wet wipe per diaper fill, or 1wwpdf.

Meanwhile, the batteries in Eowyn's baby swing, which she's more than too heavy for, have gone to use again.

Jetta found it, and on her third try was able to climb in. I think she liked it until it wouldn't stop rocking. She doesn't wet in the house near as often as she used to. She's getting bigger. When we first got her, she didn't seem to have "big paws". But they're getting bigger. She's bigger than Baylor was when we got her, and Baylor was a month older. She's going to be a big, protective girl.

In the meanwhile, she and Baylor love to play. And then she crashes wherever she was done playing.

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Stacy Murphy said...

HOW CUTE...On all the pictures. I can't beleive how big Eowyn and the puppy is getting.