Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today I finished cutting all of the vines, limbs and brush from the back yard. I still need to kind of clear out the creek, and maybe "reorganize" the rocks at the bottom to make it more efficient (i.e., not so much standing water long after the last rain...), but the back yard is now clear. I'll probably try to take down a couple of smaller trees so I can see about getting some more sunlight and maybe some grass to grow. Soon I'll be able to tackle a different home project!!

Maren pulled out the little walker from Eowyn's Uncle Karl & Aunt Jen (and cousins Isaac and Ben). She started walking right away. First time on the hardwood floor was a little scary, she got going faster than she meant to. But she's moving along!

....and tonight, Jetta figured out where Baylor keeps her water.


Anonymous said...

Mom and I had a great time watching these videos of Eowyn. She is so precious. We miss seeing her in person. It seems like so long since we saw her.

Karl said...

aww that is great. i bet she is loving walking around with that...