Friday, October 24, 2008

The Family is coming! The Family is coming!

I feel like Paul Revere a bit...have to warn everybody. I've posted 3 lights in the tower, because they're coming by air...

the nice thing in all of this is Eowyn will only be in daycare 1 more week, including tomorrow, for the rest of 2008. she seems to be more and more "appreciative" of her mommy & daddy these days. at night, she's not wanting to go to bed, regardless of how tired she is. she wants her mommy to hold her. and in the morning when i get her ready for daycare, before we leave, she comes as if she wants to be picked up, and then just wants to be held. so we're really glad that we'll be able to have her w/ family.

but anyway, here's the countdown:

1. my family. mom, sister, niece, 2 aunts, and a cousin in a peartree. saturday-saturday. now, the 2 aunts & cousin only stay for a few days. but i think the dogs are in for a shock.

2. we get a few days reprieve and then its my mother-in-law. now, maren said i was wrong because she grew up with her and SHE would know...but her mom waves, and by "waves" i mean a sweeping gesture that says "i'm driving 100 and you're driving 75, get out of my way" at traffic in front of her, but we're SOOO looking forward to having her for 2. Long. Weeks. And she won't be driving here in Texas.

Then its Thanksgiving week. We get to be the monster visitors up in Illinois for Thanksgiving (my first Thanksgiving with any family since 1997...which reminds mom was offended that Maren's family (in Germany) didn't invite me to Thanksgiving dinner with them my first year there........I'll let that one sink in...). My parents will meet us there.

3. Maren's middle sister is coming the week after that for 2. long. weeks. thereafter. but then its Christmas, and i'll be done w/ classes, and Eowyn will have people to watch her at home. Family. won't that be nice?


gretchenjohnson said...

Unless Natalie gets us kicked off the plane. :(

chic_theatre_boi said...

I am so excited for you! Family at the holidays is the best...stress I can think of. but really nice.