Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blame game

While the New York Yankees have missed the post-season after 13 straight years, the blame game has begun in New York. Tabloids blame broken-down old players. They blame young pitching that didn't pan out. blames the organization for bad drafting (

But the heart of the issue is really altogether something entirely different and being vastly overlooked: Mariano Rivera. Obviously, the Yankee fans, the media, and even his own coaches and teammates hate him. In the final home game at Yankee stadium, the cameras panned away from the scene, as if on some *wink wink* magical cue (obviously arranged by the Steinbrenners), Derek Jeter grabbed Rivera from behind while the catcher, Jorge Posada, began to beat Rivera into a conscious-less pulp.

Police subdued Rivera's wife while the beating continued.

There you have it. Its all Rivera's fault.

Here Posada is seen "macing" Rivera after giving up another homerun.


sportswriter for Yankees said...

Thanks Nate, now we all know the real story of why Mariano needed surgery. I'm surprised this story has been hidden for so long.

Isaac said...

I like it. Very creative.