Friday, April 17, 2009


Eowyn is learning new things. For example, if she bangs on the windows after we tell her 'no', Mommy puts her in "time out." She doesn't care for that too much. And what's inside a Krispy Kreme box, or at a McDonald's drive-thru window (or, as Baylor refers to it, "The Magic Window of Smelly Goodness"). She loves those!

We've been trying to teach her to say "please", but "please" was seemingly too difficult to say. So, we decided to try the German variant, "bitte" (bit-tuh). She picked it up quickly, but it sounds like "bee-bah". Tonight, we ordered pizza. Maren ran to get it along with some allergy medicine (who knew Domino's carried Zyrtec?!..."Yeah, I'd like a pepperoni thin crust, some cheesy bread, a 2-liter, and throw in some parmesan...oh, and can I get a box of Dayquil?"). When she got back (I'm sure Eowyn recognized the box), Eowyn threw her toys down & ran to her chair shouting "bee-bah bee-bah bee-bah!"

We're also learning to throw a ball. Eowyn's aim seems to be improving steadily. In completely unrelated news, Daddy's reflexes are improving drastically out of sudden necessity.

Speaking of learning, we had someone look at our house yesterday, and while I was at rehearsal last night, they stopped by again. We learned that its Baylor, not Jetta, who about rips through her crate when people come into the house.

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