Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Its been a long time since we posted, but when you forget to take your camera cable with you (or maybe we lost it...) on vacation, photos become the last thing to be taken care of.

We left Marshall on Tuesday, Dec. 11, after my last final exams, about 4:15 pm. We drove through the night because we wanted to make sure we missed an on-coming ice storm, and got to Mom & Dad's just before noon the next day. Maren drove a few hours for me so I could get a couple of short naps in.

We then flew out of Detroit to Frankfurt on the 13th, arriving on the 14th. Eowyn slept most of the night on the plane. On the 16th, I met a colleague at Frankfurt International and we flew to Poland to our sister school in Czestochowa, and then back to Frankfurt on the 19th. We then were in Germany until the 27th when we flew back (2 1/2 extra hours on the plane while the brakes were worked on...Eowyn threw a fit about the time we would have been landing, and an extra 1 1/2 hours delay in Detroit before flying back to MBS...in which Eowyn screamed--and I mean SCREAMED--for an hour...).

We've made the trip to Grand Rapids & back on the 28th & 29th, and are now here in Midland, MI w/ Mom & Dad until the 2d, when we head back to Marshall, stopping in Taylorville, IL. We'll get back in the evening on the 3rd. So that's our holidays. And now the good stuff....some photos.

The monastery famous for the "Black Madonna" in Czestochowa. In the treasury room, amongst articles given by ancient kings & queens was a US Army Chaplain's coin given by a chaplain I know...

Gelnhausen. One of my favorite towns in the world. Unfortunately, we arrived the weekend after their Christmas Market.

Maren's friend Nina with Eowyn.

Maren & her mom at the Hanau Christmas market (photo really cool on accident).

Maren's youngest sister Annika.

Annika with Eowyn.

Markus (Maren's dad) with Maren & Eowyn.

Maren's mom (Ulrike), Maren & Eowyn.

Maren's sister Kirsten (showing off her cookbook).

Uri's (Ur-Opa & Ur-Oma) with Eowyn.

The big girl in Daddy's seat on the airplane.

With Great-Grandma (who just had some major heart surgery).

With Grandpa.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too!!!! It was just great to see you all again. Just downloaded my pics from our little pizza-party and had to think of you three:-)
Hope, you get back home well!!!
All the best wishes for you, Maren and Eowyn...
Nina and Christian

gretchenjohnson said...

I miss Eowyn already. Sweetest little girl to hold.

karl said...

She looks like you Nathan, no offense.

What a cutie?!

whitney said...

About time we get an update! Happy New Year!

Miki said...

na toll, und eure nanny wollt ihr wohl nicht gebührend präsentiern :(

Bower said...

Wish we'd known you were coming through Illinois - we spent two weeks in Olney and just got home ourselves!

Bower II said...

i wish illinois would have shown up in the rose bowl

Anonymous said...

Sehe jetzt erst mein Foto! Fühle mich geehrte zwischen der ganzen Familie auf eurem Blog sein zu dürfen:-)
LG Nina

K'Lynn said...

your little girl is growing up!! i can't wait to see her.

ok, and you and your wife. hehe.