Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lost Keys

So, about a year ago, Maren misplaced one of our sets of car keys. Just a key and the electonic unlock/lock/trunk opener/spasm button controller thing. Not a big deal, we'll go get it replaced.


Maybe you didn't understand me: It would have cost $85!!! to replace!

So, we didn't do it. Cost too much money. We didn't have it. Instead, we looked high and low. We looked near and far. We looked in old purses, old book bags, in seat cushions in the couch. We never found where she put it.

Well, today I put on a sport jacket I hadn't worn in a while. I usually find things like old theatre programs, candy, a pen, maybe a $20 bill or a half-eaten sandwich. But there was something different in my pocket.

Ta-da...there they were, the lost keys.

Why Maren put them there is beyond me, but the important thing is that we put this all behind us and stop the finger pointing, stop the bickering, and most importantly, stop playing the blame game.

Maren would really appreciate it.


Emily Ecklund said...

That silly Maren...putting things in your jacket like that! Tsk tsk! This gives me hope that the keys I (supposedly) misplaced last year will turn up too...maybe we should stop checking my things and check Adam's things!

karl said...

True Hollywood story: Jennifer lost our second set of keys. We haven't seen them in about 10 months. One day she puts on her white vest, what does she find? a stale pretzel.

No just kidding. She found the "missing" keys. You can't trust these women I tell you.

Dad said...

Boys. I have some wisdom to share about your sure you say your words sweetly so they taste good when you eat them.

gtown1 said...

Well you see--b/c MSU and BU are NOT in the same conference than it's perfectally acceptable and legal to cheer and be hard core for both :) Yes, miss ya'll too--please come for a visit sometime! :) ejw