Thursday, January 17, 2008

Long time no post

Let me just say this for those of you sending hate mail about no new posts (subliminally or otherwise)...I'm on the books for 8 classes this semester. Let me say that again (and I'm typing it slowly for emphasis): Technically, I'm teaching 8 classes this semester. Blogs may be slower this semester (I'm back to typing normal speed now) because I'm just busy. And I'nm not going tuo take away preshis family timme to blog. Or spell check. (Ok, that was really just for effect. I do spell check. I can't help it. I delete & retype until its correct.)

So while I'm eating my morning poptart, here's some new pics, beginning with great-aunt Carole, who graciously shares her anniversary with Eowyn's birthday (and gave Eowyn a Packer's cheerleader outfit for Christmas). We stayed with her (by the way, I think this blog has had WAY too many "( )" and for that I apologize) on the way back from Christmas. I'm not sure what she was more disappointed by this trip through: that she had to let go of Eowyn's chubby thighs or that we didn't take pork burgers back....

bath time is always better when you have a duck

a little something from the Packers-Seahawks game

(this is Eowyn's way of "sticking it" to the Cowboy fans)


Daniel said...

Good Lord! Eight classes...when are you going to sleep?


Miki said...

she is sooo cute! i´m so glad to see you all four in may!

Stacy Murphy said...
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