Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Semester

This new semester, which is just over 1 1/2 weeks old, has brought many new changes for us. Maren began working recently, and Eowyn began daycare.

Eowyn is handling the daycare well, though it has messed up her sleep schedule. She had been going to bed at 7:30 every night, sometimes sleeping until 8:30 or even 9:30 the following morning. Lately she has been putting herself to bed (not literally, of course) at about 6:30 each night. Otherwise, she's adjusting to the newness of being away from Mommy during the day.

Maren enjoys having something else to occupy her time, but she misses Eowyn during the day.

I just concluded auditions & callbacks for Arthur Miller's All My Sons, which will go up in October. This means, of course, that we'll begin rehearsals very soon and I'll be away a bit more again.

For the most part, we had very little wind from the Hurricane, and we didn't get nearly as much rain as was being forecasted. We feel pretty lucky.

Some pics from August:

Had to spend a night in the hospital.

House hunting??

The good stuff.

Nina came from Germany for a visit!

So did Grandpa.

Baylor & Jetta after a hard day's work.


gretchenjohnson said...

She's so big. Does Eowyn's Grampa always dress in spandex? I bet he does!

Eli Manning said...

She looks like a 2 year old with her hair down.
Either that or you got your kids mixed up in the hospital.