Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tough Decision

So, there's a tough decision facing someone in my family, and prayers would be appreciated. Its been an issue for a while, and now the finality of that is coming to fruition. Your thoughts & prayers are appreciated.

My dad has to decide what to do. Lifelong Yankee fan (except for a few years living in Oshkosh where he masqueraded as a Brewer fan): does he watch the final game in Yankee Stadium history? or does he watch the ultimate in week 3 NFL matchups, Green Bay v. Dallas, a place in which Dallas has never won, and after tonight, still won't?

Decisions....please pray. Its eating him up inside.


Dad said...

Mom won't let me move both TV's to the same room. Help!

Karl said...

Well, he could get dvr and watch both...
except for the bottom line of the yankee game kept showing the Packer Cowboy score and real time.

Packers should be ready for rematch down the road.